Desiccant for Transportation & Shipping and Food & Drug
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DRY-BAG® : Diatomaceous Earth Desiccant
DRY-BAG® is a Diatomaceous Earth-based desiccant with excellent adsorption capacity, long last, harmless and environmentally friendly. Since 1979, Anders Bendt a/s has discovered and developed DRY-BAG® from “Moler Clay” in Denmark to be an unsurpassed desiccant for overseas shipment in particular. The microscopic and highly porous molecular of “Moler Clay” attributes to DRY-BAG® 's.

  Unique Features:  
75% adsorption capacity;
90-day-ettective duration;
Harmless and environmentally friendly.
  "No Man Can Tame The Ocean"
       Thailand is by nature a humid country. Humidity in the air is the main attribute of mold formation in agricultural and forestry products and makes all electronics and semiconductor goods malfunction. The metal-and-steel-related products can oxidize; thus, rust easily takes place.
     For export shipping, the carton looses its strength and could not protect the cargo inside along the way to destination.    more..
  Desiccant for Dehydrated Food and Drug  
  Dehydrated Food and Drug are among the moisture sensitive products. The moisture from inside and outside the package can easily deteriorate the quality of dehydrated food and drug both physically and chemically. The selection of package for dehydrated food and drug is very important as it can effectively prevent the penetration of moisture from outside.                more..