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No Man Can Tame The Ocean

     Thailand is by nature a humid country. Humidity in the air is the main attribute of mold formation in agricultural and forestry products and makes all electronics and semiconductor goods malfunction. The metal-and-steel-related products can oxidize; thus, rust easily takes place. For export shipping, the carton looses its strength and could not protect the cargo inside along the way to destination. At worst, humidity inside the container condenses and damages the goods during the sea voyage.

     Depended on the temperature, the air has a limited capacity to hold a small amount of water in the form of vapor. The higher the temperature of the air, the more quantity of humidity the air can hold without saturaion. Shipping the cargo to such colder countries as USA, Eropean countries and Japan is to expose the container to the condensation without doubt.

     Installing the desiccant inside the package or the container is a low cost solution to lower the humidity and to prevent the condensation.

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