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Desiccant for Dehydrated Food and Drug
       Dehydrated Food and Drug are among the moisture sensitive products. The moisture from inside and outside the package can easily deteriorate the quality of dehydrated food and drug both physically and chemically. The selection of package for dehydrated food and drug is very important as it can effectively prevent the penetration of moisture from outside. If, however, the transparency or other characteristics of package is needed for the product, it hardly avoids the attack of moisture from outside. Furthermore, the moisture within the package or within the product itself typically calls for an appropriated desiccant to preserve the quality of product by reducing and controlling the moisture within such package.

     The desiccant is an effective and efficient solution to get rid of moisture damage to dehydrated food and drug. The desiccant adsorbs and retains the moisture of the surrounding air; as a result, the moisture within the package is reduced and controlled at such level that is harmless to the product. At the same time, the cost of desiccant is infinitesimal compared to the commercial value of dehydrated food and drug.

     The selection of appropriated desiccant for the product largely depends upon the types of desiccant, correct quantity of desiccant, and type of desiccant packaging (desiccant bag). The types of desiccant determine the overall performance of desiccant (adsorption capacity and adsorption rate). Desiccants perform differently under certain circumstances. The correct quantity of desiccant brings in the capacity for desiccant to reduce and control the undesired moisture and normally calculated by package dimension, moisture residue of the content, tightness of package, and shelf life of product. The type of desiccant packaging should, if applicable, be certified by such relevant authorities as Food and Drug Agency (FDA). The desiccant bag allows the desiccant inside to perform flawlessly; still, it could damage the product if the desiccant is leaked from the bag. As a matter of fact, the desiccant bag is more than the bag for the desiccant. It also represents the image of product for, in fact, it is placed together with the product and easily recognized by the customer. The hygiene product could be virtually damaged by the poor character of desiccant bag without doubt.
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